Monday, March 25, 2013

Making the Invisible, Visible: The First Step to Stop the Abuse of Domestic Workers

In Malaysia there have been many cases of the abuse of domestic workers. Some of the employers beat, starve, rape and lock them. I think that this should stop, that the employers that do torture their domestic helper have to realize that they are people too. Everyone has the right to live and work in a safe environment and a healthy environment. They have the right to eat healthy and they have right to leave if they want to. They are humans too. They have human rights. 
I think that this is a very delicate situation that is important for my community to know about because if they know then they will do something about it and the more people that start to treat their domestic helpers properly the more they help improve someones life. By knowing that the domestic helpers should be treated properly they can help tell others and inform others of what is happening to some of these domestic helpers making them want to do something about it.
During my research I was surprised that most of the employers that physically abuse their domestic helpers are female. I found this very strange as I thought that it would be the male that physically abuse their domestic helpers as they are stronger and less patient than females. I thought that females would not do such horrible things, but i did know that some female mentally abuse their domestic works. Deep inside this all surprises me.
Learning about this issue makes me sick, it makes me feel sick to know that there are people in this world that are capable of torture and slavery. It makes me sick to know that people are suffering everyday and that they cant leave. It makes me sick to know that people are been treated like animals and it makes me sick  to know that this is happening in the country that I live in. It makes me sick knowing that this is also happening all over the world. Learning about this issue also makes me sad, it makes me sad to know that for manny years in the past there have been people fighting for their rights and to know that all their hard work is slowly going to the trash as people have started to treat other human beings as slaves. This is a sad issue that should be stopped.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

When the Buying Stops the Killing Can Too

Shark are been fished all over the world and this in now a big issue. As they are been fished, the fishermen capture them, rip their fins off and throw them back in the ocean to die. Most the time the shark is still alive and not only do they kill them but they torture them by putting them back in the water to bleed to death or to be eaten by other sharks. This all happens for one little bowl, one bowl that contains the life of a beautiful animal that does nothing but help keep our ocean in balance, this bowl is a bowl of shark fin soup. Shark fin soup is a delicacy in many asian countries.  Killing sharks for their fins needs to be stopped because sharks are an important part of the ocean ecosystem, shark’s slow reproduction rate makes it harder for them to reproduce even without being killed off, and shark fins don’t contain any nutritional value.

Sharks are an important part of the ocean ecosystem and killing them off would affect all ocean life forever.Sharks have been swimming in our oceans for thousands of years and it would be very sad to see them become extinct. “Sharks have shaped evolution in the ocean, the fact that fish are camouflage, their speed,  their behavior has all been influenced by the shark so you remove the shark and you can cause some serious problems with diversity in the oceans.”(Shark Finning Videos)This problem will make the seas that we swim in and the oceans that we dive in  overcrowded  with fish and a bunch of other things, things that may be life threatening to us.“ There's nothing extra in nature we can't just take something out and think that everything is going to be okay, its not all about the sharks it's about the delicate balance of the ocean ... We are destroying our oceans, and if our oceans die, we die, we don't live on this planet with a dead ocean. … We need sharks on this planet.“ (Sea Shepherds) If we continue to think that it will all be okay  ‘ its just a shark’ we will have a dead sea. A dead sea can cause many bad things like not being able to go swimming in the ocean or not to be able to scuba dive. These things are not only fun but they are important tools that we can use to learn about our oceans. Our Ocean covers more 70% of our planet, and if that 70% dies the human race will be in trouble.

When a fisherman kills a shark, it may be killing a  shark that has never had a chance to reproduce. Sharks have  a very slow reproductive rate and for the amount that humans kill, in just a few decades there will be no more sharks. People once said that it was just one shark that the ocean has plenty, that they won't go extinct and if they do it will be in a few hundred years, but now it may  in just a few years. “Sharks are extremely vulnerable to overfishing because they have very late onset of reproduction, sometimes 25 years for some if they  are larger sharks .”
(Shark Finning Videos)Sharks are a lot like humans in that respect, they have a few amount of pupps for the amount of sharks we kill. Sharks don't have that ability that fish do., they can't lay millions of eggs and have a high chance of success. “(Shark Finning Videos)They have few young, so if you're killing a shark you may be killing a shark that has never had a chance to reproduce or you may be killing a shark that can only have maybe 20 -25 pupps  in its entire lifetime”This means that just one fisherman can wipe out an entire population in an local society. This is something that everyone should be worried about.  

Some people might say that shark fin soup helps your health, but in fact shark fin soup is tasteless and does not contain anything that may help your health. “shark fins are tasteless”
(Shark Finning Videos). So many sharks are being killed and for something that isn't even worth buying as it is tasteless and expensive. Shark fins “contain high levels of  Methyl_ Mercury” (Shark Finning Videos)Millions of people want to eat shark fin soup for the nutrients that they think it has, the ‘power’ it gives you. They are not only killing sharks and wasting their money on something that actually contains high levels of Methyl_ Mercury.

Over the past few years there have been people that try their best to save the sharks from this terrible thing called shark fin soup. The Sea Shepherd crew are a group of very brave people who sail out every year on a trip to stop all the fishing that is hurting our oceans.  The president and founder of the Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson has started a new journey to help save the sharks.“Sea Shepherd conservation society has fought tirelessly for whales, dolphins, tuna and seals. Now they are taking on the most dangerous and hardest battle they've ever fought, for an animal few believe is worth fighting for, an animal essential warth various survivals, the Sharks.”
(Sea Shepherds) Remember when the buying stops the killing can too.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Fight for a Birth Certificate

According to UNICEF the children with no credited documentation are in danger of being refused from the benefits of what being a citizen brings. “The child who is not registered at birth is in danger of being shut out of society” ( Birth Registration).  These undocumented children are denied rights to an official identity, a recognized name and a nationality. Recent statistics claim that an estimated 50 million babies are born without registration each year (Birth Registration). This problem closes the door to many of the opportunities that a registered child would benefit including the enjoyment of an education and health care, participation and protection. It is important that people around the globe fight for the rights of all who are born to enjoy the benefits of being a registered member of society.  Francia Simon is a young girl from the Dominican Republic who fights for the kids who have no name and no nationality. She now helps hundreds of kids without a birth certificate from the Dominican Republic and from Haiti . Almost being denied a proper education because she was unable to prove her nationality,  Francia Simon fights for the rights of all children who also struggle to prove their nationalities.

Having no name and  no nationality means no rights for people in the Dominican Republic.  By helping kids get birth certificates, Francia is giving them the rights they deserve. Francia campaigns for the right of kids so that they can access national education systems, so that they can grow up and have good jobs. “Francia... campaigns for the right of children to registration, name and nationality” (ICPPA). This means that Francia wants to fight for kids and that she wants to give the kids the rights that they need. Francia not only helps children get rights but also to access education and healthcare. “It is only after official registration that children can gain access to essential rights such as healthcare and education” (ICPPA). Francia had no rights to education or health care, this means that she could not go to school and if she got really sick, she couldn’t go to the hospital. When she finally obtained those rights, she wanted to help other people in the same situation as her. It is  by these methods, Francia has been able to help 136 kids without a name and nationality, and will be able to continue helping kids from both Dominican Republic and Haiti(Portret Francia).

Because she was almost denied a proper education, Francia will not allow other children to be given the same mistreatment, so she continues her fight for their rights.When unable to show proper documentation regarding her nationality or citizenship Francia finds herself having problems gaining access to schools.“Francia found herself faced with possible exclusion from education. In response, she carried out extensive research and showed great perseverance in pursuing her own registration.”(ICPPA) With her education in jeopardy Francia did not just give up but fights for her right to the same education that all citizens enjoy. Francia uses the knowledge she gained in school to help other kids get the knowledge that they need. “gained lasting access to secondary education. Since then, Francia has been using the knowledge and strength she acquired during the complicated registration process to help other children without birth certificates”(ICPPA) After having won her battle to be provided an education, Francia realized that she can make a difference for others and fights for the rights to a proper education for all kids who struggle proving their nationality and or citizenship.  Francia enjoys helping kids and wants to continue helping kids that were in the same situation as her.  

Francia continues to help kids who have trouble to show their nationality. Having the experience of having trouble  to demonstrate her nationality and knowing all the things that are withheld from children without a birth certificate. By helping these children get a birth certificate she not only gives them a name, but she gives them all the rights that a kid should have such as education, health care and hope.  It is because of this that Francia has won the International Children's Peace Prize, 2010. Francia is an inspiration for kids with and without birth certificates, she inspires them to help other kids and that it is always good to fight for your rights. All kids should have rights, which include a name and a nationality. Francia is determine to help other kids and to give them the rights they deserve.   


Monday, September 17, 2012

The Monkey Me

I am from a small apartment in the middle of nowhere,
Full of people, eating,
talking, more food!
From Barbies and Doras
From football in the old park by the small school.

I am from a chocolate bar
From a plastic pool and stuffed animals,
From the zoo and the mountains,
skates and falling down,
I’m butter hands and Powerpuff girls,
From pasta and pizza,

I am well cooked beef, tacos, spicy sauce.
From Teo a family pet to Teo my best friend
Without him life would be painful but without chocolate even more Harsh.

I’m from monkeys and meat lovers,
From  TV, sleepovers and friends.
Photographer dreams and underwater fun.
A life  of adventure  to come.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


OO wow, thats what I can say. Just the last trimestre I did the same thin we did today and I got a way different learning profile PP. It is different in the letter but not so different in the way I learn. I still learn the same way.

I learn best when I move and I am not just siting and listening. For example little plys that we have done, Are also the things that I learnd best with.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The 1066 King

If there was a vote in the 1066 to who should be king of England I would vote for Harold Godwindson. There are many reasons why, First of all I think it is goo to maintain the english blood. I think it is important to maintain the english blood so if Harold had kids then they would be the king or queen and they would ceep on going. I also think he should have been king because King edward chose him to be the king after he died. I also think that it was not fair to have the fight after they already named Godwindson king. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Values & Choices

There I was standing like a lost 3 year old, not knowing what to do. Being a witnes to a bully situation is not so easy. I always say that I would tell the bully to stop but when I saw the the bully pushing the smaller kid into a locker i didn't know what to do so I just stud there like nothing was happening. I felt fo guilty because I could have done something as the oldest one there, but I didn't and that made me feel like a terrible person. After that day I said I would never let someone be treated badly.
Later that year I saw the same bully pushing the same little kid around making him carry the bullies school things. As I was working up the nerve to go tell the bully to stop the bully and I see another kid older than me and hit the bully. The bully just walked away and left the kid alone. At that moment I was looking at a bully geting bullied because he was bullying anther kid. I had guessed that that was the older brother of the kid but when I asked the kid he said that he was surprised as well because he had never seen the tall strong kid before. At that moment I thought that I should always help people a non vileness way, and to do it when I get a chance, not to wait and let some one els do it with vileness.

Bullying isn't a knew thing I has been going on for years and years. Bullying has even been shown in great myths. A big myth that shows Bully is the minotaur. In the myth a very powerful king orders the best bulder in the world and makes him build the bigest maze in the world for an ugly minotaur. After the architect was finished the king locked him and his son in the maze with the minotaur. I think that this shows bullying because the king built the maze in intentions to trap innocent people and let the minotaur kill them. Another example in that he trapped the architect in so that he would get killed to.  
A big example of bullying is the Holocaust. In the Holocaust there is not only bullying but there is exclusion and ostracism. The Jews were excluded from their home and countries and no one did any thing and that is why the Holocaust happend.